Stock Updates

Happy New Year!

2019 was really busy at Llanvalley, especially September onwards with Food Festivals and Christmas shopping

I would like to thank my loyal customers for supporting my small business, and hope you continue to enjoy my products in 2020

The goats are doing well, although sadly we lost Billy at the grand old age of 12.  We have two new additions - Breezy and Lilwen who will hopefully provide milk for our gorgeous soaps in 2021 

 In the meantime I will continue to make soap with milk from Eira and Wennol

My sustainability quest this year is to find ways to make my gift packaging even more Eco friendly, to continue producing the Beeswax Food Wraps and to produce some Vegan Natural Skincare products.  I am also extending my range  a little ; the Shampoo Bars have proved very popular, so look out for my plastic free Hair conditioning Bars! 

I  apologise for low stocks on the soaps at present
I have been very busy stirring my cauldron and should be back up to full stock by mid February