Honey & Rose Facial Moisturiser


A light and effective facial moisturiser, made with Local beeswax and Honey, Welsh Spring water and Sweet Almond Oil.
Rose and Ylang Ylang Pure Essential oils are added, they smell divine and are particularly beneficial for dry/ mature skins
There has been a price increase on this product because we  have moved from plastic containers to  glass jars  - so much better for the environment and they are also bigger in size


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Gina Garner - Sevenoaks

Beautiful Moisturiser

I love this facial moisturiser, it's so gentle, soft on my skin, natural and effective. I'm 70 and have a pale, sensitive skin and this is just perfect and, such good value. I keep mine in the 'fridge so it's cool too. So glad I found you.

Hannah - Shropshire

In love!!

I’m smitten with this cream, I’ve made it part of my nighttime ritual and my skin has really thanked me for it. There’s always a chance of my skin reacting badly , even with natural ingredients so I tend to run the gauntlet when I try new things, but I fell in love with the smell 1st and foremost which is a beautifully fresh rose scent followed closely by the honey. The smell always soothes me and the cream itself is so intensely nourishing and lovely to put on and luckily no reaction (other than very happy skin!) I picked it up from the Welshpool coed y dinas Xmas fair and I wish I had got more things to try! Such amazing value for money whilst only using the loveliest of ingredients. It really does feel like a treat!!! Xx

Rachel Rushmer - Hungerford, Berkshire

Pure luxury on my face and beautiful scent

Sally Gaskin - Llangollen

I purchased this moisturiser recently & although I'm sure it would do my skin good it looks very shiny on my face, which is obviously due to it containing Beeswax - you can feel this on your skin. I feel I would be better wearing it at night to nourish my skin.

Karen Siverns - West Midlands

Absolutely adore this wonderful moisturiser and so does my face !! With its enchanting aroma and packed full of natural ingredients , it just makes my spirits soar each time I apply it . 😊

Tracy - Wales

I have used countless moisturisers and this is by far my absolute favourite. My skin has never felt so good. The cream is divine and makes my skin feel quenched and looking lovely. So glad I bought this at the Apple Festival and will most definitely be buying lots more.

Marie - Chester

Purchased this soothing nourishing cream at food festival. Beautiful uplifting scent from its natural ingredients is amazing. I gave 4 stars because for me its so rich that I dont wear this under makeup but instead its a fabulous night or lounge day treatment cream for me personally. No irritation gentle and pure Thank you llanvalley

Laura - Chester

This moisturiser feels as though it's giving your skin a drink! I use it before bed and my skin has never looked or felt this good in years. You can use under make up too however I just use at night. It smells wonderful as well! I'm so glad I can order this product online after purchasing at a local market

Ria Wigginton - Chichester West Sussex

This cream is amazing! I suffer with combination skin on my face and this sorts out every problem, no more dryness and it gives skin a healthy glow, I will certainly be purchasing more of this again.