About Us

I began keeping goats on our smallholding close to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in North Wales.  After munching through the weeds and providing milk, cheese and yoghurt for the family, they were producing so much milk that a friend suggested that I made soap with the surplus.  I did and it was wonderful!
We have recently moved to a small stone cottage high above the Vale of Llangollen and the goats, as well as the soap, are thriving!
The pureness of the soap, and its skin nourishing and moisturising qualities make it a popular choice for many people - even those with very sensitive skins can confidently use it as it is completely free of SLS, SlES and parabens.
There is no Palm Oil in Llanvalley Soap, and because of our strict Environmental policy we have been certified by Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales) and are members of Beacon Wales  from Plants to Products and the WISE network 

Llanvalley Natural Products can be found at events across Wales and the Borders
Unique, Premium Quality Goatsmilk Soaps
Completely Hand Made on our smallholding in the Vale of Llangollen

Llanvalley Soap is a specialised,  premium product.  It is Pure and Natural; and completely hand-made using fresh milk from our  own goats  who are free to spend their days foraging our small Hillside & Woodland holding high above the Vale of |Llangollen,  North Wales.

The soap is self coloured and not overly scented as it is totally free of artificial colours or preservatives. 
Being aware of the devastating effects that industry can have on our planet we avoid using ingredients harvested from endangered habitats, for instance there is no palm oil in Llanvalley Soap.

 Packaging is minimal and Locally sourced using recycled and bio-degradable materials wherever possible.

Animal Welfare is important to us; Our products are  cruelty free and they, nor any of the ingredients used in making them, are not tested on animals

Only Pure & Natural Ingredients go into Llanvalley Soap, mostly home produced or locally sourced

Fresh, unpasteurised Goat’s milk  
is renowned for its rich lather and skin nourishing qualities.  Goatsmilk is excellent for sensitive skins and is a known cure for Eczema and Psoriasis.
Olive Oil  
is a natural choice because of its pureness, and excellent moisturising qualities.
Coconut oil 
softens the skin, protects it against damage and promotes healing. It protects against free-radicals and helps to keep connective tissues strong and supple, and in some cases it might even restore damaged or diseased skin. 

Carefully selected Pure essential oils 
are added to some batches of soap for their beneficial qualities and natural fragrance (for more information see the website - Products/& Categories)

Organic Home- grown Flowers and herbs from the Llanvalley Garden  
are added to colour, fragrance and embellish the soaps.